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How We Do It

We offer custom, cost-effective solutions to support your data collection projects. Do-it-yourself and off-the-shelf solutions seem helpful, but come with hidden costs, challenges, and limitations.

At each of four stages of a survey or assessment project, our expertise, service and technology will help you acheive you surveying or assessment goals, while exceeding your expectations. Scroll down to learn about the steps to a great data collection project and how we help.

Design & Deploy

Every project should begin with the end in mind. Describe clearly the change you desire in your organization or individuals, then build a plan and tools to get data to guide and energize that change.

With us, your survey or assessment is always...

  • Custom: Your questions, your way, your branding.
  • Timely: Your business moves quickly – so do we.
  • Cost-effective: Custom service for the cost of off the shelf.

Here's how...

Collect Data

No sense asking questions if your target audience doesn’t respond. For your investment in data collection you should get both a high quality and a high quantity of data.

With us, your survey or assessment is always...

  • Convenient: Easy to use tools are available 24/7.
  • Productive: High response rates with quality data.
  • Secure: Data goes only where it should and stays there.

Here's how...

Analyze & Report

Data only becomes useful in the hands of decision-makers and action-takers who understand what it means and appreciate what should be done about it. Get it to them quickly and in a useful form.

With us, your survey or assessment data is always...

  • Practically Useful: Rather than simply "statistically" valid.
  • Turned Around Quickly: Into the hands of action-takers.
  • Confidential: Honouring your commitments to respondents.

Here's how...

Lead Change

Rule number one of every survey or assessment should be: “If you won’t act, don’t ask.” Even with the right data, change can be difficult. The quality of your leadership will be tested.

With us, your survey or assessment can be supported by...

  • Quality Debriefing: Get key messages and insights out.
  • Change Management: OD consultants for 30+ years.
  • Coaching: To help change leaders build their own capability.

Here's how...

Let us help you...

Contact us to discuss your data collection needs or project ideas. We’re always happy to talk about our work, and there is no charge for asking.

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