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Why Us?

Our Mission

For 20+ years, Corporate Compass has delivered cost-effective, custom surveys and assessments for our clients. Typical projects include...

  • Design & Deployment - understanding your needs and audience, then developing and testing custom, online data collection tools;
  • Data Collection - administering respondent communication and supporting them to maximize response rates and data quality;
  • Analysis & Reporting - to provide the actionable reports and demographic breakdowns your decision-makers need; and,
  • Support for Change - consulting and coaching for change leaders to help them take the action needed.

Why Online?

Virtually everyone is connected via the internet. Compared to traditional paper and pencil approaches, our first-rate, web-based survey platform offers tremendous advantages.

Here are just 9 reasons why you should consider conducting your next survey or assessment online.

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01. Flexibility

Complex data collection tools can be developed, deployed and tested quickly. You have the option to use multiple question types and scales, offer extensive opportunity for comments, even employ sophisticated branching and drill down options to customize each respondent's experience.

02. Scale
03. Reach
04. Convenience
05. Objectivity
06. Depth of Data
07. Accuracy
08. Timeliness
09. Cost

Why Not Use Survey"Whatever"?

You might ask why you should engage us rather than use one of the "free" survey sites available on the web for your survey or assessment.

Good question!

"Free” is not always what it seems, or your best option. We too believe in empowering our users. We don't just empower you with technology though. Here are at least 5 ways we deliver more value for a surprisingly reasonable investment in your next survey or assessment project.

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01. Custom

Get It Your Way

Your data collection needs and respondents are unique. Your survey or assessment should gather what you need while building respondent confidence. With us, you do that by customizing…

  • Branding: your logo, colours, and style.
  • Questions: ask whatever you choose.
  • Answer Scales: to minimize response bias.
  • Comments: for open-ended information.
  • Paging: to enhance respondent focus.
  • Support: clear instructions, tool tips and help.
  • Flow: using branching, skipping and piping.
  • Language: 70+ options available.
  • Accessibility: to accommodate special needs.
  • Reporting: whether online or on paper.

These options may not be available from a self-help service - “free” doesn’t mean you get all the bells and whistles. To access them, you'll likely have to "upgrade" to a paid plan. Of course with us, all these options are there for you at no extra cost.

Free also doesn’t mean easy. 20+ years building online surveys and assessments means we know how to do what you need done. We can do in hours what you or your staff might take days or weeks to do. And, with all humility, we’ll probably do it better, offering options you may not consider while helping you avoid common pitfalls.

02. Convenient
03. Confidential
04. Change
05. Cost-Effective
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