Stakeholder Surveys
Great Data = Better Business Decisions

Employees, customers, investors, communities – you should know what your stakeholders are thinking. A survey is the best and often the only reliable way to find out. A well-crafted survey....

  • Gives voice to stakeholder opinions, highlighting issues and opportunities to focus your improvement efforts.
  • Uncovers the “why”, tapping into respondent motivations, expectations, and perceptions.
  • Deepens and broadens information available for decision making, providing real data right from the source, rather than speculation, anecdotes, or biased reporting.
  • Establishes essential benchmarks, key indicators and measures to track trends, performance, and progress, or lack of it, over time.
  • Generates energy for change, making the need for it more “real” for those who must be engaged in making it happen.

We make surveys easier...

Till now, online surveying has been challenging – too technical, too time consuming, too expensive. For many, the potential return from a survey effort did not justify the investment required.

With features you will appreciate!

You control the survey process while we make the best survey technology available work for you. We give you just what you need, when you need it, for a very reasonable investment.

Design It Your Way

Your survey, the way you want it, when you want it. We can work from scratch from your specs, or customize one of our proven templates to get just the data you need with:

  • Clean Layout - for ease of use
  • Your Branding - your identity
  • Multiple Question Types - 35+ to choose from
  • Respondent Comments - as many as you want
  • Lo Tech for You—no software, no training, and no IT staff
  • Quick Turn-around—typically 24 hours to on-line, ready to use

Easy Data Collection

We do the hard work for you and your respondents. That's convenient for them and we assures a high response rate for you. Your survey is:

  • Accessible - 24/7 via desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, or paper
  • Easy to Use - a clear on-line interface
  • Offered in Multiple Languages - 70+ available
  • Confidential - anonymous and secure
  • Fully Supported - with help readily available via email or phone

Insightful Reporting

Designed for the audience that will ultimately use the data. Reporting that ensures the right people have the right data to take the right actions. Your reports are:

  • Segmented - by your demographics
  • Clear - easy to read and understand
  • Available Real-Time - fast turn-around to decision makers
  • Penetrating - drill-down to uncover problems and root cause
  • Engaging - with illustrative graphs and charts
  • Actionable - highlighting issues, not numbers

Support for Change

Taking better action is the real point of surveying. If you are not going to act on the answers you get, then perhaps you shouldn’t ask the questions. Get ready to act with:

  • Targeted Reporting - to those who can make things happen
  • Comprehensive Debriefing - for decision-makers
  • Self Bench-marking - to set your own standard
  • Reasonable Cost - makes high-value follow-up surveys easy
  • Available Change Consulting - organization development has been our passion for 30+ years

Our clients have needs like yours...

Enhancing Employee Engagement

A major oil & gas company surveyed 1800+ employees and contractors regarding their working conditions. We collected data with a nearly 90% response rate, then delivered feedback reports to front-line managers and supervisors to facilitate local action taking.

Gathering Community Input

A major educational institution sought the opinions of stakeholders to a significant infrastructure project. Working with an associate, we gathered the needed input quickly and easily, while maintaining the strictest confidentiality throughout the process.

Tracking Client Trends

An organization representing financial advisers surveys its members across the country on a monthly basis to determine market trends and issues. We embedded survey access in their web site, and provide data suited for the technical analysis they need to do.

Assessing Corporate Boards

The board of a large cooperative regularly asks board members for feedback regarding board operations and the performance of their peers. We help them keep the process confidential and constructive as they improve themselves and the organization.

Trainer, Consultant, Coach?

Use custom surveys to increase the value of your business offer. Deliver high quality, branded survey tools and professional service up front with your clients, while we take care of the technical and administrative details in the back. And, do it at a cost you can’t beat with do-it-yourself options, or with our competitors.

Our associates are already benefiting from features like these…

  • Survey designs based on your own models and concepts, or we can adapt ours to your needs.
  • Survey tools and correspondence branded with your company logo, name, colours and contact details.
  • Respondent support and survey administration handled by people who do this as their full-time job.
  • Practical data analysis and reporting to get your clients into action.
  • Technical and change management advice or guidance available to you when or if you need it.

Work with people who understand your business, and love doing theirs. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.