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360/Multi-rater Assessment
Performance Through Others' Eyes

People can’t see themselves work. And, that matters, especially for leaders. Everyone needs feedback.

360 or multi-rater assessment is the way to go, but it is hard to build your own tools – too many technical hassles and confidentiality issues. And, off-the-shelf options are expensive, first to buy then to train staff to use them.


Custom built, online 360 tools...

You should focus on developing individuals and your organization – not technology. We know how to get great feedback with easy-to-use on-line tools, then help those receiving it grow from what they find out about themselves and how others see them.

With features you will appreciate!

You get the feedback process you need, when you need it, without the hassles that can plague in-house solutions or off-the-shelf products. We do the hard work - you get the benefits.

Flexible Design

Custom tools let you collect the feedback your leaders and staff need, and their organization believes is important using your:

  • Competencies - or customize ours
  • Brand - logo, colours, etc.
  • Questions - 35+ types, any rating scale and multiple comment areas
  • Reports - customize our engaging standard reports
  • Design - with our support as needed

No Technical Hassles

Your assessment tools are hosted on out world-class, on-line platform so you don't need to worry about:

  • Buying Software - or keeping it updated
  • Training - for developers or users
  • Accessibility - online 24/7
  • Ease of Use - a clear on-line interface
  • Multiple Languages - 70+ available
  • Data Security - assessments hosted on our secure servers

Zero Admin Burden

Your staff should keep doing what they do best, while ours take care of the technical and service details, including:

  • Personalized Respondent Invitations
  • Gentle Reminders - maximize response
  • Respondent Help - via email or phone
  • Confidentiality - only we know who said what
  • Fast Report Turn-around - to get development started
  • Regular Updates - keep your staff in the loop

Support for Personal Change

The real value of 360 assessment is better people doing better work, in a better organization. As you need, we help with:

  • Report debriefing and interpretation - one-on-one or in group sessions
  • Training Design - and support materials
  • Coaching - we have been trainers and coaches for 30+ years
  • Training for sponsors - or others supporting the 360 process
  • Integrating 360 - with your other HR processes

Our clients have needs like yours...

Leadership Development

An information technology company completed 360 assessments on more than 400 executives, managers and supervisors participating in an in-house leadership development program. Participants used the assessment to clarify for themselves the impact they were having on others, then developed a plan to improve their “presence” on the job.

Annual Performance Cycle

150+ managers in a public utility company solicit feedback from peers and staff as part of building their annual development plan. The executive team then, supported by HR, used the collective data to identify general training needs and other organizational issues.

Targeted Training

An educational institution used 360 assessments as a critical part of their public and custom workshops, and did so for nearly 10 years. Workshop facilitators and participants use the feedback provided to determine the focus of the training effort.

CEO Improvement

A cooperative financial institution collects feedback for their CEO annually, soliciting the observations of Board members, staff and key external stakeholders.

Trainer, Consultant, Coach?

Use 360 assessment to increase the value of your business offer and create opportunities for follow-on work. Deliver high quality, branded assessment tools and professional service up front with your clients, while we take care of the technical and back-end details for you. And, do it at a cost you can’t beat with do-it-yourself options, or with our competitors.

Our associates are already benefiting from features like these…

  • 360 assessment designs based on your competency models and concepts, or we can adapt ours to your needs.
  • Assessment tools and correspondence branded with your company logo, name, colours and contact details.
  • Respondent support and survey administration handled by people who do this as their full-time job.
  • Practical analysis and feedback reporting to get your clients into action.
  • Technical and change management advice or guidance available to you when or if you need it.

Work with people who understand your business, and love doing theirs. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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